Zurn Industries Plumbing

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Adjustable Cleanout

Zurn Z-1400 "Level-Trol" Adjustable floor cleanout, Dura-Coated cast iron body, with gas and watertight ABS tapered thread plug, and round scoriated secured heavy duty top, adjustable to finished floor.

Floor and Shower Drain

Zurn ZN415B Floor and shower drain, Dura-Coated cast iron body with bottom outlet, combination invertible membrane clamp and adjustable collar with seepage slots and "TYPE B" polished nickel bronze strainer.

Floor Drain With Trap

Zurn ZN-356 Multi-Inlet adjustable floor drain with trap, Dura-Coated cast iron body with integral trap seal, complete with plastic cleanout plug, inverta collar and 5"[127mm] round, polished nickel bronze adjustable top.

Roof Drain

15"[381mm] Diameter roof drain, low-silhouette dome. Dura-Coated cast iron body with combination membrane flashing clamp/gravel guard and low silhouette Poly-Dome.

Oil Interceptor

Zurn Z1186 Acid Resistant Coated interior and exterior fabricated steel oil interceptor, bronze cleanout plug and visible double wall trap seal, removable combination pressure equalizing/flow diffusing baffle and sediment bucket, horizontal baffle, adjustable oil draw-off and vent connections either side, secured gasketed non-skid cover, complete with flow control fitting. Regularly furnished with inlet and outlet in high position.

Water Hammer Arrestors

ZURN Z-1700 Shoktrol Water Hammer Arrestors are regularly furnished in all stainless steel construction. Pipe threads are accurately machined to assure tight connection. 3/4" [19mm] male I.P.S. inlet is standard for the 100 and 200 size units, while 1" [25mm] male I.P.S. inlet is standard for 300 thru 600 size units.

Exposed Flushometer Valve For Water Closets

Zurn Z6000AV AquaVantage 'AV" Exposed Closet Flush Valve - Exposed, quiet diaphragm-type, chrome plated flushometer valve with a polished exterior. Complete with Zurn's AquaVantage TPE, chloramine resistant, dual seal diaphragm with clog resistant, triple filtered by-pass. The valve is ADA compliant with a non-hold open and no leak handle feature, high back pressure vacuum breaker, one piece hex coupling nut, adjustable tailpiece, spud coupling and flange for top spud connection. Control stop has internal siphon-guard protection, vandal resistant stop cap, sweat solder kit, and a cast wall flange with set screw. Internal seals are made of chloramine resistant materials.